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Mustard Seed Communities is a non-profit organization based in America that has set up several communities and ministries set up across the globe. These homes are primarily for children who have been abandoned and have unique needs, and allow them to build relationships with the other residents, have access to education, and typical everyday needs. The two orphanages that Wesley has the opportunity to build relationships with are Hogar Belen Diriamba and Hogar Belen Managua, both in Nicaragua. They provide care for both bed-ridden or limited mobility kids, as well as children who can manage day-to-day chores and basic farming tasks, which is a source of food and income for the homes. These orphanages help the kids to grow stronger, experience God in community, and learn useful skills through the education incorporated into their daily schedule.

         Wesley has most recently returned from our seventh visit to Mustard Seed Nicaragua. Through these seven trips, the various members who have been a part of these trips have been first-hand witnesses to the transformation in the lives of the children because of the ministry and hard work happening at Hogar Belen Managua and Diriamba. As teams, we have also seen the ups and downs the orphanage has gone through over the years, especially the way that the facilities and residents have improved and grown over time. While our focus on our visits is the work project assigned to us, like giving the fence in Diriamba a fresh coat of paint this year, we focus on spending time investing and deepening our relationships with the beautiful residents. The impact of these trips is evident in the testimonies of people who have been to Mustard Seed Nicaragua over the years.

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