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Summer Series 2017 

Campus gODS

Sundays:  Worship at 11:00am

Wednesdays:  Dinner at 6:00pm & Family Groups at 7:00pm

We are inviting our Wesley community to read a book together this summer. The book is called CAMPUS gODS by Guy Chmieleski. Guy is a long time campus minister, and he was actually a guest speaker at Wesley a couple of years ago during our DISCERN weekend.

The university campus is full of many ideas, opportunities, and experiences that compete for our time and attention. Both Christian and non-Christian students will give themselves to something — with the hope that it will be significant and change everything. And although there are a lot of interesting things to think about, opportunities to explore, and experiences to have — these things fail to be understood correctly when given the Supreme position in one’s heart and life.

We will explore the topics in CAMPUS gODS on Sunday mornings during worship and Wednesday nights during family groups. We will be posting discussion guides, message notes, and much more throughout the summer. We will have some free copies of the book available at Wesley while our supplies last or purchase your own copy on Seedbed.com or Amazon.com

​​​Week 1: The Hole in our Souls

Message Slides

Roll Away Your Stone

Family Group Guide

Week 2: The god of Achievement​

Message Slides 
Family Group Guide

Week 3: The god of Freedom

Message Slides
Family Group Guide

Article on Kierkegaard

Week 4: The god of Status

Family Group Guide

Week 5: The god of Substances
Message Slides
​Family Group Guide

​Week 6: The god of Pleasure

Week 7: The god of Intimacy

Week 8: The god of Information

Week 9: The god of Voice

Week 10: The god of (Ir) Responsibility 

Week 11: The god of New & Last Words

A New Creation